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Matthew Skinner is a multifaceted multimedia professional with a passion for bringing ideas to life through photography, videography, and other forms of media. His journey began in the world of comic conventions, where he represented talented comic artists and honed his skills in front of the camera. From there, Matthew transitioned into a diverse career, working with both large corporations and small businesses to elevate their online presence through website development, video production, marketing materials, and social media campaigns.

With a knack for translating concepts into compelling visual narratives, Matthew thrives on capturing the essence of people and businesses to help them achieve their goals. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in drumming, skateboarding, and exploring breathtaking outdoor locations.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact in his community, Matthew serves as a dedicated board member for the Alzheimer's Association of San Antonio and South Texas. Through his involvement, he co-hosts multiple events that have collectively raised over $115k since 2017, demonstrating his commitment to making a difference both behind the lens and in the community.

Animated and dramatized image for humor. 

Created using Adobe Illustrator.




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